Fallout 4 fiber optics

Fallout 4 Fiber optics made high-quality glass that is used for high-quality transfer signals that help to you in more efficiently compare to metal wires. Fallout 4 Fiber optics are a key for high-speed electronic weapon modifications and prepare the devices. Like laser turrets. Fiber optic is an item that can secure or make by scrapping a specific item. Fiber optic is created by glass or plastic to very slim diameter, which makes it very flexible and very easy to transfer from one user to 2nd user speed will always remain the same. This makes the fiber optical more significant material in equipment and power armor modification.

Fallout 4 fiber optics
Fallout 4 fiber optics

There is more need to increase/improve crystals in fallout 4 fiber optics. Especially after level 40 repeatedly. Well, there is a button on the wall right side that is activated trip lasers which is provide you an infinite amount of crystals and fiber optics materials by using a simple method. Same as every other game, there will be some kind of material that you can easily find and those are really hard to find. But, what happens, when you run out of the material that you needed? Well, in fallout for fiber optics the items you are run out from to be fiber optics or crystal, anyhow you are in luck.

Location Provided

When you find this helpful location, you will need to head to Jamaica where you will find a building contain with a basement with a trip laser which activates turret guns that will go to kill you quite fast. Especially when you will low at your level. If you want to avoid the turrets you will have to need to be careful and take each crystal and fiber optic from all 40 plus lasers with awareness. The good thing about that you more rob from the laser the simple it becomes.

Fallout 4 Fiber Optic is used in fallout 4 as a crafting component. The fiber optics are made of high quality glass that is why they are thin, flexible and more efficient to transmit signals as compare to metal wires. In high tier electronic weapon modifications and settlement devices like laser turrets, fiber optics are used as a key component.
After level 40 repeatedly, crystals should be increased or improved in fallout fiber optics 4. A button on the right side of the wall is used to activate the trip lasers which provides you an everlasting amount of fiber optics materials and crystals too by using a very simple method.
There are some kinds of materials in every game which are used to play the games but somehow u can’t find them easily whenever run out of that material. But in fallout 4 fiber optics is totally unlike other games. You can easily find out that material by using fiber optics and crystals.
Fallout 4 Fiber Optics is a very important element for maintaining a settlement and also an essential part of crafting.

Bobblehead in fallout 4 fiber optics

Bobblehead in fallout 4 fiber optics
Bobblehead in fallout 4 fiber optics

Perception Bubblehead – 00178B5D

Unarmed Bubblehead 00178B64

Strength Bubblehead 00178B63

Speech Bubblehead 00178B62

Sneak Bubblehead 00178B61

Small Guns Bubblehead 00178B60

Science Bubblehead 00178B5F

Repair Bubblehead 00178B5E

Melee Bubblehead 00178B5C

Medicine Bubblehead 00178B5B

Luck Bubblehead 00178B5A

Intelligence Bubblehead 00178B58

Endurance Bubblehead 00178B55

Charisma Bubblehead 00178B54

Big Guns Bubblehead 00178B53

Barter Bubblehead 00178B52

Agility Bubblehead 00178B51

Lock Picking Bubblehead 00178B59

Explosive Bubblehead 00178B57

Energy Weapons Bubblehead 00178B56


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Fallout 4 Fiber Optics is an item that obtains or create scrapping a specific item. This item is an essential part of Crafting, as well as an important element to maintaining a settlement. Fiber optics can be created by scrapping the following items:

Applicatorx1 Fiber Optics, x1 Aluminum0.512
Biometric Scannerx1 Fiber Optics, x1 Asbestos, x2 Nuclear Material320
Ear Examinerx1 Fiber Optics, x1 Aluminum, x1 Glass0.7515
Fiber Opticsx1 Fiber Optics0.16
Flight Data Recorderx2 Fiber Optics, x1 Circuitry, x1 Copper317
High-Powered Microscopex1 Fiber Optics, x2 Crystal, x2 Gear, x2 Glass522
Microscopex1 Fiber Optics, x2 Crystal, x2 Glass, x2 Gear522
Prototype Biometric Scannerx1 Fiber Optics, x1 Asbestos, x2 Nuclear Material3164