Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs

You want to start this quest, you have to need to enter the Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs. And instantly you will be accosted by a robot Molly, which asks you that you want to work for the company or not? You should give the answer is yes. And the position you will actually get that all depends on your charisma. You can also regularly assist and representative. First, you need to walk into the room on your left, when you come into the room you should listen to the company’s history. Unfortunately, in any case, the project is not working, so there will be no visuals.

Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs.
Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs.

Follow Molly

And when you listen to Molly for Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs you have to follow her and she will guide you that “enter decontamination chamber. As soon as you will do that she will want to conduct an experiment and ahead until you do, she does not let you out from the building. When you complete the experiment, you require only two few containers, but it is better to collect them all, not confused in numbers.

How to use the sample

While walking into the main hall when you defeat all the ghouls. Fallout 4 Cambridge polymer labs now you have to collect all the materials that you need in your experiment, from room C4 and collect the sample. And next, you go to head deeper into room C5 and also collect the sample. While you in the room you also can use the terminal and open the door of the chamber with the reactor. Now again go to the room from the bottom left and also collect the sample. The next task is that you go to the upper level to room C1. From the desk and also collect the sample. In the corner of the, there is a venting shaft. Follow the shaft to get to the room C3 (by default it is locked with keys). Now you can use the terminal and unlock the door and leave.

As you Know now you go to the reactor chamber. The door should already be opened because you used the terminal in room C4 defeat the Ghoul and collect isotope from the shelf at the different side of the water reservoir.

More about

Now you have collected all the things (materials) that you needed. While you still in the room you have to use the device which is the front of you. On the left, there are 2 slots for the samples. Place first unidentified container in them. Click onto the computer button and select the identified sample. Exit from the computer, and retrieve the samples and place the other 2 containers there. Keep repeating all the action until you have identified all these samples.  When all of the samples identified with, slide Lithium hydride and Gold into the slot on the left, also into the slot on the right, slide isotope U-238. Click once again on the computer and start the machine (the last but not least available item). If you do not want to follow the instructions of Molly’s. You can try to find a different way out for more.